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treadmill that saw a surge in popularity

 She also finds that socializing in the gym can help her workout. Phillips says her mood is more positive. Phillips claims that a better mood is a better motivation for exercising. It appears that most Americans like Williams her newfound passion for the gym. Visits have nearly recovered to pre-pandemic numbers; gym visits were down just

8 Percent in the early months of October, compared to the same time in 2019 according to data provided by CNBC. On November. 4, Planet Fitness, the gym chain with more than 200 locations, reported a solid rebound during the third quarter. revenues increased by 46% to $154.3 million compared to the same period one year earlier. Net income increased by $21.9 million, up from the $3.3 million Sweet-Brain Sweet Brain Website Sweet Brain com net loss in the third quarter of 2020. Chris Rondeau, CEO of Planet Fitness, stated during an earnings conference that membership had reached 97% of pre-pandemic levels. The number was over 15 million. Planet Fitness stock price rose 16% over the next two days. While shares of Peloton the home exercise bike and treadmill that saw a surge in popularity as Americans were cooped up in their homes in the midst of the outbreak and have dropped more than 40 percent since the company revealed more than it expected earnings on the same day that Planet Fitness announced its results. Peloton has reported lower than expected revenue and a more than expected net loss of $376 million which is $1.25 per share, for its most recent quarter.

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