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 The COVID-19 innovative contact tracing model of the Apache Tribe saved lives.

 Gary Lupe was able to be positive for COVID-19 after the funeral services he conducted in the homes of his 40 neighbors. Lupe is a 56-year-old minister from the Fort Apache Indian Reservation, Whiteriver, Ariz. had been in silence for months following his vaccination-free in January. Lupe was suffering from flu-like symptoms on the morning of Oct. 10. An IHS nurse Indian Health Services (IHS) nearby, referred Lupe to an emergency room. His wife Berlita and their six children, immediately began the process of quarantining. Lupe was askourstaff ask our staff Website ask our staff com then given the monoclonal antibody treatment of Regeneron. He claimed that he was confident in IHS. Lupe stated that they always treated him with respect. “They were aware that what we went through was something that no one can comprehend.”