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Phillips discovered she was much more outgoing

America’s Going to the Gym Again. This is Bad News for Peloton

 Alison Phillips, an associate professor of psychology at Iowa State University, grew soexhausted using the elliptical machine in her house, day after day, for more than one year throughout the epidemic. In the beginning, the repeated use caused her feet to hurt. But even worse, it hurt her mind. Phillips claims, “It’s boring.” “Same things, constantly.” So two weeks to the day after Phillips had her second COVID-19 vaccine shot Phillips returned at her local gym. “I wanted the variety of options,” says Phillips. Phillips states, “Not just for my feet but also for my enjoyment for the sake of it.”

 Phillips discovered she was much more outgoing after returning to the gym rather than during her pre-pandemic workouts. “Seeing people was extremely important to me,” she says. “This was fun for me.” Before eatnowdrinklater eat now drink later Website eat now drink later com the COVID-19 epidemic, Phillips says Phillips, “I didn’t go to the gym to build social connections, as I had small children and working full-time. I would go to the gym to be efficient. I would stay away from people so I didn’t have to talk.” In the present, Phillips found herself budgeting ten minutes or so of her exercise facility in Ames, Iowa for chit-chat. She says “I started talking with people I’ve known for years, and I hadn’t had a conversation with them for a long time.” “But I got back and I said, ‘I’m very happy to meet you. I was inspired to meet people. That was nice, to meet people and be acknowledged by other people. There was a common sense that we were there. We’ve survived this epidemic. It was a social breath of fresh air. And I transformed as a person.”

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