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Two of the most significant demand

 The findings suggest that most important supply-side factors could cause more utilization increases, contrary to previous findings in which demand-side variables (e.g. age or birth order) were more prevalent. The supply-side factors that are most crucial are the availability of trained workers, functional readiness and the quality of health facilities. Women’s awareness of demand-side issues has risen significantly. Women are more affected by services’ quality and accessibility than by cultural barriers. This is an evolution, since women are more likely to look for care if they believe that they can access quality care in consultmedaily consult me daily Website consult me daily com their health centers. Also, the findings showed an increased dependence on the private sector for RMNCH–N services with the exception of postnatal care.

 Two of the most significant demand-side factors that predicted outcomes were education and wealth. The results also indicate that wealth status can have an effect that is regressive on the use. This suggests that the current exclusion from fees for users might not be sufficient to boost the RMNCH–N utilization rate. It is possible to think about financial incentives that deal with the demand-side cost and direct costs associated with the care. Due to the lower impact on the part of the public sector (vs. the private for profit sector) It is equally crucial to expand the number of facilities available to public to provide RMNCH–N-related care. This will allow for the continuation of the current pace of care-seeking. But, genuine care-seeking by mothers and pregnant women may not result in significant improvement in the status of RMNCH–N or decreases in mortality.

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