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Machine Learning is used to determine the health

Machine Learning is used to determine the health-related drivers that drive utilization in Bangladesh

 In the last few decades several countries have demonstrated the way to improve the quality of reproductive, maternal and newborn health and nutrition (RMNCH–N) outcomes. The importance of timely and effective RMNCH-N investment in service utilization, as well as the factors that influence it, is crucial. Interventions that are prioritized could stop the deaths of 95 percent from diarrhea and 67% of deaths from pneumonia among children younger than 5 years older, based on recent research. The evidence from around the world suggests that demand- and supply-side factors are equally significant, as are the changes in their importance in different stages of the development of a nation. While certain factors related to culture are more significant during the early stages of development, they could be less important as time goes by. However, the mass media’s influence may become a major element in the future. Recent assessments across the globe have revealed that countries that focus on a handful of specific RMNCH–N contexts and factors can lower fertility rates by 2.5 in some Asian contexts, as compared to general interventions.

 It is difficult to determine the demand- and nationallabout nation all about Website nation all about com supply-side factors and their magnitudes because of their complexity and varying. It is necessary to conduct frequent monitoring.

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