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After Conducting Funeral Rites

 The innovative COVID-19 contact tracing model of the Apache Tribe saved lives. After conducting funeral rites for 40 of his friends, Gary Lupe tested positive for COVID-19 during October. Lupe, a 56-year-old minister of the Fort Apache Indian Reservation in Whiteriver, Ariz., has been with a sigh of relief despite having been immunized in the month of January. In October. 10, as he was experiencing symptoms reminiscent of flu and was suffering from flu-like symptoms, a nurse at the close Indian Health Services (IHS) instructed Lupe to the emergency room. His wife Berlita and their six children immediately began quarantining. Lupe was immediately treated with the monoclonal antibodies treatment by Regeneron. Lupe said he was confident in IHS. Lupe stated that they always treated him with respect. “They recognized the issue we were dealing with, something that no one could understand.”

 There are 18,000 residents on the reservation The reservation is home to 18,000 people, and Lupe is among 29% of them who found positive for coronavirus over the last 18 months. The recovery of Lupe is the result of a revolutionary method of contact tracing and test that’s developed entirely on this exclusive White Mountain land three hours east of Phoenix. A group of 10 indigenous findshealth finds health Website finds health co uk and white health experts proved that sending teams of nurses from different disciplines to Apache homes to collect blood-oxygen levels and noses that prevented deaths from COVID-19. The model is a plausible alternative to the U.S.’s scattering tracing framework which is strained by the Delta rise, these experts suggest. In a move away from the text-based or phone-style tracing seen in nearby Maricopa County, IHS minimized the spread of asymptomatic disease through an average three-times-a-week monitoring of high-risk patients (mostly older adults over 50 who have co-morbidities) taking them to the emergency room in the event that oxygen levels were not adequate. Fort Apache has a nearly identical death rate due to COVID-19 to Arizona.

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