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identify Health utilization Drivers

 Machine Learning is used to identify health utilization drivers in Bangladesh  Globally, countries have taken numerous exemplary steps to enhance reproductive, maternal, neonatal, and child health and nutrition (RMNCH-N) outcomes in the past decade. The role of timely and effective RMNCH-N services and the factors that influence it, is crucial. Recent findings show that 95 percent of successhealth success health Website success health co uk deaths from diarrhea and the 67 percent of deaths due to pneumonia in children younger than 5 up to 2025 could be prevented through targeted interventions. Additionally, the global data emphasize the importance of demand and supply-side determinants and the changes in the factors that determine their importance at different points in a country’s advancement. For example, while certain cultural factors might dominate in the early stages of development, new variables like mass media influence may appear later. A recent study on the global scale has shown that countries which focus on a few contextual and time-specific RMNCH -N service elements could decrease the rate of fertility to 2.5 in certain Asian settings compared to generic health interventions.

 It is difficult to forecast the demand- and supply-side variables and their magnitudes because of their complexity and their variability. This requires frequent tracking.

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