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In the meantime, shares of Peloton

 In the meantime, shares of Peloton, the web-connected treadmill and home fitness bike that gained in popularity when Americans were forced to stay in their homes during the shutdowns of the pandemic, have fallen more than 40 percent since the company whattodiet what to diet Website what to diet com declared worse than expected earnings on the same day as Planet Fitness’s results. Peloton posted lower-than-expected revenue and a more than expected net loss of $376 million or $1.25 per share for its latest quarter.

 When the pandemic, such a turn around for Planet Fitness and Peloton seemed to be almost impossible. While exercise at home was convenient but gyms with a lot of people were prime for spreading the virus. Phillips, who has researched the advantages of group exercises and found they provide substantial mental, emotional.

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