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America is back at the Gym

That’s Bad News for Peloton

 Alison Phillips was an associate professor of psychology at Iowa State University. She became tired of using her elliptical machine every day for more than a year throughout dailyhealthstudy daily health study Website daily health study com the outbreak. First off, the repetition affected her feet. But even worse, it hurt her mind. “It’s boring,” says Phillips. “Same things, every day.” That’s why, two weeks later, after Phillips was given her second COVID-19 vaccine shot Phillips returned at her local gym. “I wanted the variety of sports,” says Phillips. Phillips adds, “Not just for my feet but also for my curiosity for the sake of it.”

 When she returned to the gym, Phillips noticed that she was more outgoing than she had been during her pre-pandemic workouts. She says that “Seeing people was important to me.” “This was a lot of fun for me.” Before the COVID-19 pandemichit, Phillips states Phillips, “I didn’t go to the gym to strengthen my social ties, because I had young children and working full-time. I was there for efficiency. I would stay clear of people in order to reduce time.” Phillips now finds herself spending ten minutes in her Ames, Iowa gym for chit-chat. “I began talking to people I’d seen since before the pandemic but had never talked them,” she says. “But I returned to say, ‘I’m happy to meet you. That was what prompted me to speak with people. That was nice, being able to talk to people and be acknowledged by other people. There was a feeling that we were there. We got through the outbreak. It was like a breath of fresh air. It was a change in me as a person.”

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